If a tree stump is not removed correctly, it can result in significant problems for the surrounding environment. Many potential issues can arise due to the presence of an old, dead tree stump. To ensure that these issues don’t manifest, it is important to properly remove any stumps on your property as soon as they are discovered.

The first issue that may arise if a tree stump is not removed is the risk of pest infestations. Unattended stumps often provide ideal living environments for certain insects and rodents, such as carpenter ants and mice. These pests can eventually spread out of the area surrounding the stump and into your home or garden, where they can cause significant damage and destruction. Left unchecked, this issue will only worsen over time and may require costly pest control services.

The second issue associated with an untreated tree stump is its impact on neighboring plants and trees. As stumps decompose, they release toxins into the soil around them, which other nearby plants can absorb. This process weakens the health of these plants and introduces risks of disease spreading throughout your garden or yard. Additionally, as roots from nearby trees or shrubs expand in search of nutrients or water, they often come into contact with decaying stumps; this contact can lead to root rot or fungal infections that can kill off entire plants or even entire forests if left untreated.

Finally, unattended tree stumps also pose a serious threat to safety hazards. Because most people are unaware of their presence until it’s too late, stumps can be a tripping hazard when people are walking around outside in areas where there are trees present; even if you take steps to avoid them at all times, children playing in your yard may accidentally trip over them and suffer from injuries due to their unexpected presence.

In summary, leaving an old tree stump on your property without addressing it properly can lead to multiple problems down the line ranging from pest infestations to health risks for surrounding vegetation to safety hazards for those living near it. 

For these reasons, homeowners need to assess their properties regularly for the presence of old tree stumps so that they can address any issues before they become too serious; by doing so, you’ll be helping protect both yourself and your environment from potential harm caused by these forgotten relics of nature’s past!